Oscar Installation

Release version: 0.7.1a - June 23, 2002


Everything needed to run Radical is included in the release package except for Java (and jEdit, if you want to run Radical as a plugin). In order to run Radical you must install version 1.3 or greater of either the Java 2 Development Kit (JDK) or the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE). If you do not plan to do development, then it is not necessary to install the JDK, in that case the JRE is sufficient. Java is freely available from Sun Microsystems.


To install Radical, you only need to download the main Radical release package (usually named something like radical_20020610.jar); all other optional packages can be downloaded from within the installer. To start the installation, simply use the java command to execute the release package JAR file, like this (the following command assumes that you have Java in your PATH, if not you will need to type the full path to the Java executable):
    java -jar radical_20020610.jar

In the above command, the name of the Radical release package is likely to be different than the name of the release package that you downloaded; substitute the actual name of the downloaded release package for "radical_20020610.jar" in the above command. Executing the JAR file launches a simple install program that prompts you for the directory where you want Radical installed. You also have the option of downloading and installing the Radical documentation and the source code; if you have already downloaded the documentation or source code packages, then edit the URLs to point to your downloaded packages using the "file:" URL protocol, e.g., file:/c:/temp/srcpackage.jar. Once you are ready to install Radical, simply select the "Okay" button.

The Radical release package consists of the following files:

Using Radical

For information on using Radical, refer to usage.html. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me at heavy@ungoverned.org

Richard S. Hall